The Study of Everything Ferret

The Study of Everything Ferret
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Ferretology fer·ret·tol·o·gy noun The description, study, and science of domestic ferrets (Mustela putorius furo).

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Goals of this community:
*To be a safe forum for people new to ferret ownership to learn about ferrets & ask questions.
*To be a growing database of peer-reviewed information & advice on ferret care (especially things not common knowledge outside the general ferret community).
*To be a tool for experienced ferret owners to share information, receive feedback, & critically discuss topics concerning ferrets.
*To be a social gathering of people who love ferrets.

In making these goals, there are several things that are assumed when someone becomes a member of this community. The maintainer and moderators assume:

*Everyone is interested in ferret ownership either as a future owner, current owner, or previous owner of ferrets. As owners, we expect that you have taken a personal responsibility for caring for your ferrets and making all decisions concerning them. Your fellow ferret friends can make suggestions or offer advice, but in the end everyone is responsible for their own ferrets.

*Although there is no age requirement, it is assumed that everyone can act in a mature fashion and carry on civil conversation in a public forum. Trolling/snarking (especially personal attacks) is not tolerated. We ask that everyone keeps their eyes on the topic at hand (ferrets) and not participate in any drama.

*Everyone loves ferrets and, from that passion for ferrets, they have something insightful to share. While this community was made to focus on serious discussion of ferret topics, pictures or personal stories (both behind an LJ cut please) are welcome. Also from this passion for ferrets, we realize that there will be some strong opinions on ferret care. We ask that everyone respect other's opinions and recgonize that not everyone will agree on even the simplest of ferret ownership decisions.

Note: If you want to advertise your ferret products, the best community for that is ferretwear and purely advertising posts on this community will be deleted. Open discussions about ferret products or asking for suggestions/discussion about your ferret-related business are both fair game though.

Important Info:

Click here to become a member, and then get some introductory info.

The the most important rule in ferretology is no trolling/snarking (personal attacks or harassment of other members)! We would like to keep this community fun and interesting for those who wish to learn more about ferrets, so anything that is considered a personal attack on another member can be grounds for banning from the community. Please also remember to be respectful of others opinions & feelings when posting/commenting. In most cases, 1-2 warnings will be given before a member is banned, but the moderators reserve the right to ban extreme cases outright. For examples of ban-worthy personal attacks or if you have any questions, go here.

When posting in this community, please start your subject with one of the following: Intro, Advice Needed, Topic, or Chat. This will help the maintainer in organizing your post into the memories section, so members can readily find your post later, and ensure that it gets mentioned in the weekly Admin posts.

*Intro: Self-explanatory. The questions for the Intro posts can be found here. We'd like to encourage everyone to do an Intro post shortly after joining, so we can get to know everyone.

*Advice Needed: This is the catagory for any questions or topics which you would like feedback on from the other members. Posts related to veterinary care are fine, but please keep in mind that advice given online is no substitute for in-person veterinary care. However, other members may be able to give you more information than your vet provided, a better explanation of the info from your vet, or give an informal second opinion to point you in another direction. In these posts, commenters are expected to take the questions presented seriously & give polite advice. Personal attacks in these posts will not be tolerated and may result in direct banning from the community. If you'd like to see a list of helpful websites on ferret vet care, click here.

*Topic: This is used to note an open discussion topic. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the discussion and/or bring in resources to help discuss the topic critically. Although, differences in opinion may be discussed and are encouraged to be analyzed, comments should be civil and personal attacks are not tolerated. If you would rather have a moderator present a discussion topic or have suggestions for a weekly topic, please post it here.

*Poll: About once a week there is a poll about something related to ferrets. Since this is a free account right now, voting will be by comments (in many cases the comments will be screened & results updated on the post). If you would like to suggest a poll topic, feel free to send one here or post one yourself.

*Chat: This catagory pretty much covers everything else members would like to share about their ferrets (pictures, stories, etc.). Please put pictures & long stories behind cuts to save loading time on friends pages of those with slower connections.

If you have a suggestion for another catagory or would like to post a promotion for something ferret related, please contact the maintainer here.

A Selection of Ferret Links
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